Beat Conn. is gearing up for it’s next Producer’s Session. However, Beat Conn.’s next Producer’s Session will be full of some unexpected surprises for it’s loyal following who decide to attend. This time Beat Conn. has teamed up with Seaboard Recording Studio to provide an opportunity for Beat Makers and Producer’s to not only receive valuable information to help develop their craft and business sense as entrepreneurs, but there will also be several different activities that were unavailable for participants in the past.

Beat Conn. with the help of Seaboard will provide food and drink by way of a cookout that will provide an opportunity for its attendees to network, collaborate with use of studio equipment, listen and watch one of the community’s respected producer’s cook-up a beat from scratch, and take part in a podcast that welcomes all participants input.

This Producer’s Session will be simply a reflection of Beat Conn.’s ongoing commitment to bring the underground subculture together and provide opportunities that followers could enjoy and find value in through their attendance and participation.

This event will be held on January 25th, 2020 and is open to the general public as well. It will be ongoing from 2p-6pm. Admission is only $10 per person. Follow us @beatconn for more information and be sure to view our calendar for more upcoming producer-based events.

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